Raptors look at Bosh sign-and-trade options

The Toronto Raptors have begun to assess which players they would try to obtain in potential sign-and-trade transactions involving free-agent forward Chris Bosh(notes).

Raptors general manager Bryan Colangelo told a Toronto radio station he thinks Bosh “likely” will leave the team. Should Bosh decide to sign elsewhere, Colangelo also said the Raptors will try to engage in a sign-and-trade deal to bring the franchise some measure of compensation.

Sources said the Raptors will try to acquire draft picks and young players in return for Bosh. They would likely ask for forward Michael Beasley(notes) and point guard Mario Chalmers(notes) in any deal with the Miami Heat. If Bosh were to go to the Chicago Bulls, the Raptors like forward Taj Gibson(notes) and center Joakim Noah(notes), though Noah could prove impossible to pry from Chicago. If Bosh settles on the New York Knicks, the Raptors would try to engage in a double sign-and-trade that sends Knicks forward David Lee(notes) to Toronto.

Sources called a potential sign-and-trade with the Los Angeles Lakers “doubtful.”

Bosh has most commonly been linked to the Heat and Bulls, where he could join either Dwyane Wade(notes) or LeBron James(notes), if not both. Agent Henry Thomas, who represents both Bosh and Wade, denied a report the two had met together with James over the weekend in Miami. But, Thomas said, the three have talked frequently about their futures. Sources said Amar’e Stoudemire(notes), Carlos Boozer(notes) and Joe Johnson(notes) have also discussed various scenarios with their fellow free agents. Denver Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony(notes) and New Orleans Hornets point guard Chris Paul(notes) have joined the conversations, as well.

Wade has made clear he won’t commit to re-signing with the Heat until he knows which other players will be joining him.

“That’s always been part of the decision,” Thomas said. “Obviously, Miami along with other teams, has a plan that they would like to execute. He’s going to listen to that plan and probably take the opportunity to listen to other plans.”

Wade and Bosh will reportedly meet with the Knicks and New Jersey Nets in New York shortly after the start of free agency. Thomas wouldn’t confirm any appointments, but said it’s possible Wade and Bosh could decide to meet with teams together.

“Their friendship is good,” Thomas said. “As a result of going through this experience, their relationship will be a lot stronger.”

James’ representative, Leon Rose, shares the same agency, CAA, as Thomas.

“It would be unrealistic to assume we won’t be having discussions about this,” Thomas said. “One of the things that will be to our advantage, that we will have, is information. We’re in the same company so information will be shared.”