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Arthur Brown was one of dozens of Hurricanes players named by Nevin Shapiro in recorded interviews with federal agents. During those interviews, the booster admitted supplying benefits to an array of Miami players from 2002 to 2010. Shapiro alleges he provided multiple extra benefits to Brown during his two seasons with the Hurricanes. Among the benefits he claims to have provided:

Arthur Brown
  • Position: Linebacker

  • Rivals recruiting rank: Ranked as the No. 23 player overall in the Class of 2008.

  • Miami career: Lasted only two seasons with the Hurricanes, largely as a role player and on special teams. Brown transferred to Kansas State in 2010 and will be a junior starter for the Wildcats this season.

• A dinner at Japanese steakhouse Benihana and strip club visit to The Cheetah during Brown's freshman season in which Shapiro paid for drinks and private entertainment in a VIP area.

• A lunch at Smith & Wollensky on March 30, 2008, totaling $532 for Arthur Brown, Brown’s parents, family adviser Brian Butler, Randy Phillips and Brown's younger brother Bryce, who was being recruited heavily by Miami at the time.

• Two rooms at the Continental Oceanfront Hotel in late March 2008 for Arthur Brown’s parents, brother Bryce, and Brian Butler, totaling $1,110.19.

• Food, drinks and entertainment at Lucky Strike Lanes on at least one occasion.

• Transportation from current Miami staffer Sean Allen at the direction of Shapiro.

• Food, drinks and entertainment during pool tournaments at Shapiro's $6 million Miami Beach mansion on multiple occasions.

Corroborating accounts

• One source corroborated Brown and other Miami players receiving a dinner at Benihana and a strip club visit to The Cheetah in 2008 which was paid by Shapiro.

• Yahoo! Sports acquired credit card records in Shapiro's name and hotel bills showing two rooms at the Continental Oceanfront Hotel totaling $1,110.19. The hotel bills were paid on Shapiro's American Express black card and listed "Arthur Brown" and "Brian Butler" on the bills for each room.

• Yahoo! Sports acquired credit card records from Shapiro's American Express black card, showing a $532 charge at Smith & Wollensky on March 30, 2008. The charge overlaps with the dates on hotel bills listed in Arthur Brown (Sr.) and Brian Butler's name.

In Shapiro's words

• "He enrolled at the University of Miami in January, a semester early. I was introduced to Arthur through Randy Phillips. We spent a lot of time together playing pool in my house, going to Lucky Strike bowling."

• "I gave him a few rides in my car. I gave him cash a few times – not significant amounts. Maybe $100 here [or] $50 here. He was a very quiet individual. We took him to a strip joint called The Cheetah in Hallandale."

• "He also wanted me to meet his brother, who was going to be the No. 1 recruited player coming out of high school that following year named Bryce Brown. I set up a trip for his mom, dad and spiritual adviser – which is another name for an agent – Brian Butler. They all came in from Kansas. I put them up at a hotel on Miami Beach."


Nevin Shapiro's March 2008 statement from his American Express black card shows a trio of charges totaling $1,642.19 which the booster says are linked to multiple NCAA violations. Shapiro said he broke rules by paying for hotel rooms for the family of then-Miami linebacker Arthur Brown, one-time Hurricanes recruit Bryce Brown, and Brown family adviser Brian Butler. Shapiro said he also paid for a $532 lunch at Miami Beach's Smith & Wollensky which was attended by Arthur, Bryce, the parents of the Brown brothers, Butler, and Miami player Randy Phillips. PDF file

This bill, paid on the American Express black card of booster Nevin Shapiro, lists Brian Butler as the guest at the Continental Oceanfront Hotel in March 2008. Butler was a family adviser during the heated recruitment of both Arthur and Bryce Brown. Butler was also considered a person of interest during an NCAA investigation into the recruitment of Bryce Brown. PDF file

This bill, paid on the American Express black card of former booster Nevin Shapiro, lists Arthur Brown (Sr.) as the guest at the Continental Oceanfront Hotel in March 2008. Shapiro said he paid for the Brown family during a visit to Miami that month, as well as a $532 to Smith & Wollensky in Miami Beach. PDF file


Kansas State declined to make Brown available for comment, school spokesman Kenny Lannou said.