Much to experience with Ochocinco iPhone app

David Lister

Chad Ochocinco(notes) is nothing if not entertaining. His Twitter account is a must read, his touchdown celebrations range from humorous to outrageous, and he actually changed his last name from Johnson to Ochocinco.



TASTY: App is full of funny, entertaining content.

BUMMER: Hard to find one. This app tracks Chad's stats and encourages fans to send TD dance ideas.

COOL: What Would Ochocinco Do? feature allows you to interact – within the app – with the wide receiver.


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Accordingly, the Chad Ochocinco Experience app for the iPhone is both a revolutionary marketing tool and the most self-serving app of all time. It could very well be the future of sports-based iPhone apps, providing fans with an in-depth look at their favorite pro atheltes.

The look and much of the content from the app are borrowed from the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver’s website, Of course there is a section for his Twitter feeds as well as other goodies such as YouTube videos and pictures.

iPhone-specific content includes Ocho’s Jams (some of his favorite songs), Where’s Ocho (a map that shows you where he is) and Sound Bites (available in English and Spanish!). You also can interact with Ochocinco in the section creatively titled What Would Ochocinco Do?, which allows you to ask him questions and have them answered within the app.

There’s also a Tips From Ocho feature, which includes gems such as “Don't matter where you at or what you doing, be the best at it, I'm the best McDonalds eater today” and “Haters are confused admirers, they can't be or figure you out so negativity comes out [their] mouth.”

Even if you’re not a fan of Chad Ochocinco, you will find quite a few laughs in this app. There’s plenty of content and a nice enough design to justify the 99 cent price tag.

While the app is undeniably self-serving, it is also a media pioneer of sorts. The Chad Ochocinco Experience completely changes the way you can follow an athlete, and I’d be surprised if others don’t take note and copy the idea.