YouTuber pranks celebrities with fake James Corden interview

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A YouTuber in the U.K. is earning a wide range

of online reactions after tricking several celebrities

into appearing on a fake talk show.

Josh Pieters, who has become

infamous for his elaborate online

pranks, shared a video on May 1.

 in where he revealed that he’d convinced several

famous people that they were appearing on an

episode of “The Late Late Show with James Corden”.

In the clip, Pieters interviews British

celebrities over a video call, using

old recordings from Corden’s show

to simulate a real conversation.

The YouTuber also got some help

from his friend, Archie Manners, who

pretended to be the show’s producer.

Manners, who set up the “interviews” with

people like Grammy-winning musician Craig David,

magician Julius Dein and “Love Island” it couple

Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury.

told the guests that Corden, calling in

from his home, could see them on video.

 However, he managed to convince

each of them that, for technical reasons,

they could only hear his audio.

“Obviously, they’re filming [Corden] on the proper

CBS cameras in his house,” Manners explains.

Pieters then conducted full interviews with each

unknowing celebrity, simply by queuing up old clips

of Corden asking questions on his show.

Thanks to audio from a David Blaine performance on the “Late Late Show” Pieters even convinced Dein, the magician, to put on a full at-home magic routine.

The stunt, which has earned hundreds of

thousands of views between two videos, received

both praise and criticism from YouTube users.

Many said that Pieters, who has a history of pushing

his pranks to elaborate extents, was going too far.

“This is just sad, what have these people ever done

to you? what’s the point of wasting their time,

making them disappointed and probably embarrassed

that they weren’t actually on the show”.

“[Pieters] is gonna get sued one of these days but

until then, we need more of this asap,” another added.

Others were less upset by the idea and argued

that, despite the embarrassment, the celebrities

were still getting some kind of exposure.

“To be fair, they did get interviewed and plenty of

people are going to see it,” one user commented.

Just a few days after his “Late Late Show” prank,

Pieters went viral for a similar stunt, in which he

tricked “Tiger King” star Carole Baskin into her first

public interview since the Netflix documentary aired.

This time, Pieters used audio from old episodes of

“The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” to convince

Baskin she was appearing on Fallon’s show

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