YouTuber apologizes for years worth of controversial videos

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Colleen Ballinger, better known as “Miranda Sings,” apologized to her followers for a series of videos she made over the course of a decade.

In a video titled “addressing everything,”

the YouTuber expressed remorse over

a series of jokes she made in the past.

starting with a video she and her sister

made pretending to be Latinx women.

She admitted that the characters they played

were “completely based in racial stereotypes".

“It is not funny, and it is completely hurtful.

I am so ashamed and embarrassed that I

ever thought this was okay,” she said.

“I was a sheltered teenager who was

stupid and ignorant and clearly

extremely culturally insensitive" .

Ballinger also addressed a controversy

that started just a few weeks ago .

when 17-year-old fan Adam McIntyre alleged

in a YouTube video that she didn’t pay him for

the content he shared to her Twitter account.

He also accused the YouTuber of sending

him underwear and bras in the mail.

She denied McIntyre’s claim that she

ignored him, and confessed that she

did send the fan a bra and underwear.

but insists they were new and it was

nothing more than a joke well

documented on a public livestream.

Ballinger said she will “continue to learn” from her

mistakes and grow as a human being, but asked that

cyberbullies learn that words have power, just as she has

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