YouTube reveals its top videos for 2017

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YouTube released the annual “Rewind” list, which is its top videos of the year. 2017 proved to be very fruitful for Louis Fonsi, who scored the No. 1 music video for his global hit “Despacito“— the original version featuring Daddy Yankee, not the version featuring Justin Bieber. That video scored 4.4 billion hits this year.

The top trending video actually came out of Thailand. It was a clip from a reality singing show competition called The Mask Singer, in which contestants conceal their faces under elaborate costumes while they sing. The video of the Oyster Man singing “Until We Become Dust” was YouTube’s top trending video worldwide.

No surprise here, the top trailer released to YouTube in 2017 was Avengers: Infinity War, which was released just last week. In that time, the video earned 90 million hits.

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Ryan Reynolds got Twitter buzzing over his latest casting news — the actor is slated to portray Pikachu in a brand-new live-action movie. Fans were divided, however, on the premise of the film. Reynolds will play a detective Pikachu, and the plot is based on the 2016 Japanese video game Great Detective Pikachu.

More than the movie news itself, fans were upset with the film’s decision to cast Reynolds and not Danny DeVito, who was in talks to play the title character.

Also today, the LGBT community in Australia celebrated a huge victory in the quest for equal rights. The country legalized same-sex marriage. The internet showed love for the law.

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