Your first taste of MLB FoodFest 2019, from elote nuggets to fried grasshoppers

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Of all the ideas that have sprouted out of Major League Baseball in the past few years, this might be the best one. It cuts through different team allegiances and regional rivalries. It finds the commonality in all baseball fans.

We’re talking, of course, about MLB FoodFest — an event created to take ballpark food out of the ballpark and bring the most delicious or inventive item from each team into one place, so baseball fans and food fans alike can indulge.

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MLB FoodFest debuted in 2018 in New York City, but the league has more ambitious plans for it in 2019. It’s happening in NYC again, but also London and Los Angeles. The NYC and London dates will come later this year, but L.A. gets the first taste.

FoodFest L.A. is happening Friday through Sunday at Magic Box. You can buy a standard ticket ($45), which comes with your choice of eight food samples, or an MVP ticket ($75), which comes with 33 food samples.

Some of the items you can sample at MLB Food Fest. (Yahoo Sports)
Some of the items you can sample at MLB Food Fest. (Yahoo Sports)

If you want to live vicariously through us or want to see more of what MLB FoodFest is all about before getting a ticket, Yahoo Sports is giving you an exclusive first look at what hungry fans can expect.

We sent two brave eaters — our own Kyndall Freer and Zach Dresler — to eat whatever the FoodFest braintrust put in front of them. We say “brave” because while this exercise included fries and chicken wings, it also included fried grasshoppers, pickle-wrapped corn dogs and Rocky Mountain Oysters. You know, bull testicles.

Watch above as the Yahoo Sports crew taste tests some of the best and most creative items MLB FoodFest has to offer. Below is the entire menu that fans can devour in L.A. this weekend.

The menu for the MLB Food Fest in L.A. (MLB)
The menu for the MLB Food Fest in L.A. (MLB)

For tickets or more details on MLB FoodFest, go here.

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