The youngest coach is going viral and he’s adorable

Many youngsters dream of being on the hardwood. To score game-winning baskets. To carry teammates to a championship. To be elected into the Hall of Fame.

This young child looks like he has a different sort of plan for his basketball career.

Over the weekend, 4-year-old Christopher Bess went viral for a video serving as a coach on the sidelines of a Tarboro High School game in North Carolina. The son of head coach Reggie Bess, little “Coach CB” has all the right moves as he paces the sideline, tosses a drink to a player on the bench, and takes a knee just like his father. Take a look:


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The elder Bess told WNCT that he first noticed last year when who he called his mother-in-love showed him a picture of CB kneeling behind him in a similar pose. Bess said now when he’s watching game film, he’ll be “captivated by him walking up and down the sidelines.”

Other cute things Coach CB does, according to Bess and WNCT:

  • When college basketball is on at home, he’ll get his coaching board and draw up Xs and Os.

  • He gave a riveting locker room speech with a quote along the lines of “‘I’m gonna coach my whole butt off — you’re gonna play y’all gonna play your whole butt off.”

  • Received warnings from referees at the games to stay in his own coaching box.

Just four days after posting the first video, Coach CB’s Instagram account reached 50,000 followers.

Story originally appeared on High School Sports