Young Phillies' fans share heartwarming moment while chasing foul ball

Mark TownsendYahoo Sports Contributor

One day after an adult baseball fan made us cringe by snatching Kyle Schwarber's walk-off home run ball away from a pair of young Chicago Cubs fans, two young, souvenir-chasing fans in Philadelphia, helped restore our faith in humanity.

Both young fans raced through the stands with the same vigor during the Phillies 7-2 loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The goal was to chase down the fifth-inning foul ball off the bat of Los Angeles first baseman David Freese.

In this instance, the race had a clear winner. One of the young fans reached the baseball with a couple seconds to spare. However, in a genuine act of kindness, he immediately handed the baseball to the next young fan who arrived.

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It feels like a moment we all needed to witness after what happened in Chicago. And the embrace at the end? That was high quality baseball fanning.

It may have taken a perfect storm for this to all come together, too.

A two-hour, 37-minute rain delay had eliminated most of the would-be competition for a souvenir on this night at Citizens Bank Park. There were various small groups of fans scattered throughout the ballpark, and in our opinion this foul ball found the right area to land.

We take our hats off to these young fans for showing us how it’s done. Sometimes kids really do set the best examples.

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