Young Phillies fan swaps historic 1,000th career run ball with Bryce Harper

PHILADELPHIA - A night at Citizens Banks turned into a moment one young Phillies fan will never forget!

Dylan was sitting in the stands when Bryce Harper scored his 1,000th career run Tuesday - his second of three homers that night!

Everyone in his section rushed to get their hands on the historic ball, but the 11-year-old decided to stay back.

"I didn't want to get hurt," he said.

Instead, the young fan picked up a hat and towel dropped by the man who actually claimed the ball.

His good deed earned him a "thank you," and the 1,000th career run ball!

After the game, Dylan and his family got to meet Bryce Harper by the dugout, where the Phillies slugger made a request.

"Wanna trade," Harper asked the boy, offering him a signed ball in exchange for the game ball.

Dylan graciously swapped, saying he could tell how much the ball meant to Harper.

<strong>(Jennifer Bauman Sylkowski)</strong>
(Jennifer Bauman Sylkowski)

But that's not all - he also got a signed jersey and hat, and chatted for 25 minutes about all things baseball.

Harper was Dylan's favorite before this unforgettable game, and he certainly will be for years to come!