Young MLB fans find perfect alternative to throwing a home run ball back

At some baseball parks, it has become a tradition to throw back a home run ball if it’s hit by the opposing team. It’s a way for fans to say, “We hate you so much we don’t even want your home run ball.”

But two young fans proved why everyone participating in that ritual has it all wrong. When you catch a home run hit by the opposing team, you don’t throw it back, you wait until you can make a trade.

Not sure what we mean? Well, check out these two fans at the Colorado Rockies-Washington Nationals game Sunday.

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As Nationals announcer F.P. Santangelo narrates in that video, the fan on the right is a Nationals fan who happened to catch D.J. LeMahieu’s home run in the eighth inning. The young fan on the left is a Rockies fan who happened to catch Matt Wieters’ home run a few innings earlier.

Instead of throwing the balls back, the two decided they ought to just make a trade. That way, the Nationals fan left the park with the Wieters home run ball and the Rockies fan left with LeMahieu’s blast.

The exchange is made, and the two fans give each other a fist pound to punctuate the done deal. It’s a pretty great moment of fans coming together, regardless of their rooting interests.

We could all learn a little something here. The next time you catch a ball and want to throw it back, think for a second. You can either use it to make a trade later in the game, or you can find a young fan who would really appreciate that ball and make their day.

That has to be worth more than the satisfaction of telling the other team you hate them, right?

Two young baseball fans made a pretty solid trade after catching home run balls Sunday. (Screenshot via @Rockies on Twitter)
Two young baseball fans made a pretty solid trade after catching home run balls Sunday. (Screenshot via @Rockies on Twitter)

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