Young man tries to replicate Kobe’s car jump in Vine stunt, but it goes very, very wrong (Video)

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Hey, remember when Kobe Bryant "jumped over" an Aston Martin?

Remember how it wasn't real, and was quickly followed by another viral clip showing the Los Angeles Lakers star's "first attempt," which was both unsuccessful and also fake?

Apparently, Indiana University student Obi Nwosu does not remember that critical second part, but he does like playing filmmaker using Vine, the Twitter-backed choice of six-second auteurs everywhere. As you can probably guess, those two elements, when combined, can lead to some mammoth pain.

At the risk of spoiling the 100 percent inevitable, a word of caution: If you do not want to see someone getting (briefly) hit by a car, do not watch this video.

So, yeah. That happened.

Thankfully, according to E! Online, it seems that young Mr. Nwosu didn't hurt himself nearly as seriously as he could have:

The Indiana University student in the video [...] later explained on Twitter, "Here I am sitting in the hospital, thanking God I'm alive. Thanking God for my stupidity, for my courage. Life is precious. Thank the Lord."

For the record, he walked away mostly unscathed, aside from "a cut to the bone, bruised left butt cheek, and some common sense." But he concluded, "I put my life on the line, my friends' life on the line, my family's life on the line, all for six seconds. Don't do it for the Vine."

And from The Daily Mail:

He posted on Twitter Wednesday, 'I understand that this car jump thing will not fade. So let me be an example of a bad decision and speak truth to the power of the web.'

(I'd have linked to Nwosu's tweets themselves, but he's chosen, perhaps smartly, to make his account private since receiving this new level of unwelcome attention. At least he's protecting something, I guess.)

Not sure about the degree to which nearly killing yourself and then posting the video "speaks truth to the power of the Web," but if the takeaway from this is that fewer people do horrifically dangerous things in the interest of carving out a piece of Internet stardom, and that more folks take "Do Not Try This At Home" as a real warning than a backside-covering disclaimer to be ignored, then sure, that'd all be great.

No one's saying you can't imitate your basketball heroes, kids — just that you're probably better off doing it by pencilling into a pool or engaging in a weird handshake than by telling someone to drive a car at you. That's a little pro tip from all of us here on Ball Don't Lie. Keep it safe, friends.

Hat-tip to Sportando, via Gawker and Reddit.

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