The Young Farmers Coalition is redefining who grows our food

When the National Young Farmers Coalition (NYFC) first formed in 2009, the group faced an uphill battle. The organization represents a demographic that is both underserved and underrepresented in modern agriculture. small family farms — the kind managed by most new and first-generation farmers — account for only 24% of agricultural production. That proportion has decreased since the early ’90s, with the industry shifting toward family farmers that are bigger, older and more established. The group’s goal is to empower Gen Z and millennial growers by connecting them with grants, resources. and a community of people who can relate to their struggles. The NYFC is deeply concerned with the kinds of people growing our food, and how they grow it. The organization’s stated goals include a heavy emphasis on sustainability. as well as racial and social justice advocacy in agriculture, a field where over 95% of the producers are white

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