You'll Have FOMO Seeing Kate Upton's and Sophia Bush's Buddy Workout

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Having a workout buddy really is the best thing ever, with studies illustrating time and time again that getting your sweat on with loved ones — either one-on-one or in a group, whether alongside your spouse, roommates, BFFs, or co-workers — will motivate you to work harder, help protect you from injury (hello, a built-in spotter!), and put you in a better mood than you'd be in after a solo sesh.

Still not convinced? Peep these recent Instagram videos of Sophia Bush and Kate Upton teaming up together for a joint workout guided by their longtime trainer, Ben Bruno (his celeb lineup also includes Chelsea Handler and Naomi Campbell — casual). It's unclear whether or not Bush and Upton had known each other before, but based on Bruno's caption, it seems like these two became fast friends while crushing their epic buddy workout. (Related: How Quarantine Changed Kate Upton's Approach to Working Out)

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"I love seeing @kateupton and @sophiabush get after it like this," wrote Bruno in his Instagram caption last week. "They're both super strong and work hard. Also, fun fact: they didn't stop chatting and making fun of me the entire workout except for when I took this clip, so henceforth I might have to start recording the whole workout."

While there's likely no better way to pass the time at the gym than by poking fun at your trainer (surely, exercise experts would agree), based on Bruno's two Instagram clips, Bush and Upton definitely didn't let their fun distract them from the killer workout at hand.

In the first video, Bush is using gymnastic rings to tackle modified pull-ups, using her body weight and the grip of the rings to lift herself out of a squat. Gymnastic rings are a great way to incorporate full-body moves without impact, because you can use them for support. A similar top-rated pick: the PACEARTH Wooden Gymnastics Rings (Buy It, $40,, a set of adjustable straps and non-slip rings designed to be used in your home gym. (Related: How to Set Up a Home Gym You'll Actually Want to Workout In)

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Directly in front of her, Upton performed reverse lunges holding an 8 kg (or 17.6 lb) kettlebell with a slider beneath her rear foot. The dynamic move challenges stability and balance, requiring the 29-year-old model's muscles to stay engaged as she worked to keep her weight centered and the sliding leg under control. Of course, Upton handled it like a champ, which should surprise absolutely no one based on the fact that she makes everything from single-leg Romanian deadlifts to 205-pound barbell hip lifts look effortless.

If you want to take cues from Upton, you can score similar equipment on Amazon, including the SPRI Slide Board (Buy It, $42,, Peach Bands Core Sliders (Buy It, $15,, and AmazonBasics Cast Iron Kettlebell Weight (Buy It, $28,

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In the second Instagram video, One Tree Hill alum Bush, 39, is trying out a SkiErg (Buy It, $1,114,, a full-body machine similar to a rowing machine but meant to mimic skiing movements (hence its name) which offers a killer challenge for both cardio and conditioning, as New York-based trainer Chris Cooper previously told Shape. She used her full-body strength to drive the cables downward, firing up her core, glutes, and hamstrings in the process. BTW, Bush *loves* a fierce fitness challenge, whether she's crushing weighted hamstring curls with a huge smile or making side planks even tougher. (Remember when Ashley Graham "beat" Olympic athlete Lindsey Vonn on an indoor skiing machine?)

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Elsewhere in the room, Upton can be seen smiling on an Assault bike (Buy It, $749,, a brutal cardio machine that forces you to use both your arms and legs to push against wind resistance, proving that these two really did have a blast together. (Because if you can smile on an Assault bike, you can smile doing anything.) It's OK if you have FOMO — while you might not have any celeb workout buddies to call, you're sure to have just as much fun with your favorite person on hand.