New Yorker goes viral for sign helping elderly neighbors

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A New York woman is earning plenty of praise online after she wrote a message offering to help her elderly neighbors. Maggie Connolly, who lives in Brooklyn’s Carroll Gardens, posted her handwritten letter after several grocery stores in her community started running out of supplies. The note, which is addressed to “elderly neighbors and those with compromised health,” includes Connolly’s email and an offer to help those in need. “To elderly neighbors and those with compromised health, If you need help or don’t feel safe going to busy stores right now, your neighbors are here to help!” the message reads. Connolly’s neighbor reposted an image of the note, after which it was shared by several popular Instagram accounts. One post, by the account Good News Movement, earned nearly 50,000 likes and hundreds of comments from users. Others used the message as a source of inspiration, saying it served as a reminder as to how people should behave during emergencies. Connolly said she’s currently working with around 70 volunteers in her own neighborhood

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