New York Knicks fan treats himself to J.R. Smith neck tattoo (Photo)

Last month, a New York Knicks fan named Michael Cooper had a question for Knicks guard Chris Smith.

J.R. Smith's neck tattoo, in case you forgot, looks like this:

(You can't see it there, but he's also got "SWISH" under his chin, because his nickname is J.R. Swish. Duh.)

I'm not sure if either Smith brother ever gave the official go-ahead, but Mr. Cooper evidently felt comfortable enough with the idea to press ahead, resulting in the following amazing finished product:

Cooper wrote that he got the tattoo as a Christmas gift to himself, which checks out — after all, Cooper replaced J.R.'s "Young Money" throat-cursive with "Cooper Star" to personalize it a bit. I'm not sure if getting the lips of a woman from VH1's "Mob Wives" tattooed on his neck was a similarly respect nod to Kenyon Martin's dearly departed kiss, but that is also something that happened here.

I will make no value judgments about Mr. Cooper's decision — for one thing, it is Christmas, and for another, everyone celebrates Treat Yo Self Day in his or her own way. Instead, I will simply congratulate him on being a bigger fan of J.R. Smith than anyone I've ever met (and I've met some pretty big J.R. Smith fans) and note, as I did when presented with a full-back Michael Jordan tattoo in November, that the lone definitive rule of the NBA-related tattoo game is that whenever you think it has been raised to its highest point, something will come along to elevate it even further. Thank you, Mr. Cooper, for proving this rule.

And now, in honor of Mr. Cooper, here is a seven-minute supercut of the most common response that the mercurial shooting guard whose neck ink he shares tends to receive from coach Mike Woodson, courtesy of the indispensable Oakley & Allen:

Hat-tip to Rodger Sherman at SB Nation.

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