New York Knicks coach Mike Woodson has a T-shirt with his own face on it (PHOTO)

For a second there, the most exciting news to come out of the New York Knicks' Tuesday morning practice was that Iman Shumpert had found a nice shooting rhythm, hitting 17 straight 3-pointers from the left wing. But that's really only exciting for Knicks fans eager to see the second-year guard shake his offensive struggles — he's made just 2 of his last 11 3s and is shooting less than 28 percent from the field in January.

Luckily, Chris Herring of the Wall Street Journal shared a photo of something that EVERYONE can enjoy — Knicks coach Mike Woodson wearing a T-shirt featuring a giant picture of his own face.

The headline item here, of course, is the shirt's characterization of Woodson's famed goatee, which the coach compared to Herring's own at the workout:

Which is kind of like:

"My jumper kinda looks like yours. You'd just have to streamline your [motion] a little bit." — Ray Allen

"My stepback kinda looks like yours. You'd just have to work on your [timing] a little bit." — Paul Pierce

"My snake hiss kinda sounds like yours. You'd just have to practice your [parseltongue] a little bit." — Kobe Bryant

... and so on. I mean, it's nice of you to say, Coach, and I intend no disrespect to Herring's facial-hair aptitude, but there really aren't very many people out there touching Woody's goatee game.

A closer look at Woodson's self-image, thanks to MSG Network's Alan Hahn:

Hahn also tweeted that the shirts (the "new uniform" of the team's assistant coaches) will be prominently featured in this week's episode of "The Mike Woodson Show," MSG's weekly behind-the-scenes look at how the coach navigates the season. I, for one, can't wait to learn more about it.

No word yet on where you can pick up this model of the Woodson T, but a similarly round-goateed model can be found here, if you're so inclined. No "COACH," though, which is a bummer. Oh, well — I guess we can cheer ourselves up by scrolling to the top of this post and taking another look at Mike Woodson wearing his own face on his chest.

Which brings me to my question: Would you wear a giant drawing of your own face on a shirt? Please let me know why or why not, in excruciating detail, in the comments below, on Twitter or at our Facebook page.