New York Hockey Holdings buys remaining 15% of Islanders

Ryan Morik
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Islanders treated image generic inside Nassau
Islanders treated image generic inside Nassau

The New York Islanders are now 100% owned by New York Hockey Holdings.

The team announced the sale of the remaining 15 percent that was previously owned by the estate of Charles B. Wang, who died in October 2018.

"Charles B. Wang was a remarkable man who achieved much and is greatly missed," New York Hockey Holdings said in a statement. "He loved Long Island and stepped in to keep the Islanders where they belong. Charles believed in this franchise and always wanted what was best for the team's passionate fan base.

"His vision for the Islanders will be fulfilled next season with the opening of UBS Arena at Belmont Park. This permanent home for the team will celebrate the Wang family's 20 years of commitment to the New York Islanders and will define Charles B. Wang's legacy as a valued steward of this proud franchise."

Wang was a part-owner of the franchise in 2000, and then was the majority owner of the team from 2001 to 2016 before selling most of his stake to Jon Ledecky and Scott Malkin.

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