York High School freshman makes Langley racing debut at 14-years-old

HAMPTON, VA (WAVY) — Opening weekend at Langley Speedway is always a spectacle. Hampton is the place to be in the summer, the races kick off, and it all leads up to the Hampton Heat.

But one 14-year-old who loves pink and carries herself with all the confidence in the world, just crossed the finish line at Langley in her first ever race.

Laycee Hogge finished 13th at the Farley Financial UCARS race on April 6, but it’s more about the achievement of someone who didn’t even know she wanted to race until last year.

“My child has no fear. If she wants to try it, I’m going to let her try it and be there for her every ounce of the way,” said Laycee’s mother, Andrea.

“My message is to never let anyone stop you from achieving your dreams. Just do it. Don’t let anybody stop you,” Laycee said.

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