New York Giants rookie quarterback looked out of place in first start

There was certainly an interesting news cycle for the newfound starting quarterback of the New York Giants, Tommy DeVito. He talked about living with his parents in nearby New Jersey. While that storyline was certainly interesting, his play on the field Sunday against the division rival Dallas Cowboys was less so.

It’s truly hard to evaluate what DeVito brings to the table in this completely anemic offense that gave him virtually no shot to succeed. It didn’t help that DeVito was facing off against one of the more ferocious defensive units in the entire league. That being said, DeVito looked almost out of place on the field Sunday as he delivered a middling performance. To his credit, DeVito was able to deliver on a pair of touchdowns, but outside of that, there wasn’t much to be excited about. With just 86 yards passing on 27 attempts, there was clearly nothing working with the undrafted free agent under center.

It’s unfair to pass judgment this early in the young quarterback’s career, and he still has plenty of room to grow, but the entire offense last week left many wondering if this unit could outscore the Alabama Crimson Tide, let alone the Dallas Cowboys. Hopefully, the Giants can figure out a way to put DeVito in a more advantageous position next week against the Washington Commanders and not leave the rookie quarterback out to dry.

Story originally appeared on Draft Wire