Yet another botched art restoration disaster goes viral

Spain has found itself in the center of yet another story about an amateur art restorer ... ... being hired to clean up a priceless piece of artwork, only to botch the job. This disaster took place in the city of Palencia. A carved smiling woman surrounded by livestock has been turned into, . as the publication Artnet News put it so perfectly, “a claymation nightmare”. Local news outlets first picked up the story, but now it’s gone viral on Twitter and Facebook thanks to people, obviously, making memes about it. As funny as the botched restoration looks, hiring amateur or inexperienced art restorers to touch up iconic and centuries-old pieces ... . ... is a disaster that art historians have been begging people to avoid. But the silver lining in all of this is one of the most famous botched art restorations actually saved a small village. Cecilia Giménez’s 2012 viral interpretation of a Jesus fresco actually inspired hundreds of thousands of tourists to visit the tiny town to see it in real life