Yes, you'll need Peacock to watch Dolphins-Chiefs (unless you're in the local markets)

On Saturday night, Tyreek Hill will be back in Kansas City. Unless you're in Kansas City or Miami, you'll need Peacock to watch it.

Before I say anything else about it, I need to mention a few things. PFT written content is and has been licensed to NBC since 2009. PFT Live moved to Peacock several years ago. (The live show is free; a subscription is needed to watch it on demand.) I separately work for NBC, appearing on Football Night in America and (when news warrants) halftime of Sunday Night Football.

So, yes, i'm biased. I'm a company man. (At least I admit it.)

I've heard from some of you who aren't happy about the fact that a playoff game will be available only on a streaming service. I understand the frustration. But that's the direction in which the ball is moving, for many sports generally and for the NFL specifically. It started in 2022 with Thursday Night Football shifting exclusively to Amazon. It will continue as more linear sports content goes to streaming.

Some have complained that they don't want to add another streaming service. I understand the concern. You can, however, add one and subtract another. Take a look at what you're watching, and what' you're not watching. If you're paying $9.99 or more per month for something and you're not getting your money's worth, move that money to a place where you will.

Peacock is only $5.99 per month for the premium subscription, with ads. (It's $11.99 for the premium plus, no-ad option. You can, for example, watch all two hours of PFT Live on demand without seeing a single commercial — just one segment after another after another.)

There's also a student rate of $1.99 per month for 12 months, and a limited offer of $29.99 for a full year of premium access (the normal price is $59.99 annually).

Remember when you were paying like $100 a month or more for cable or satellite? With all those channels you never watched? Some of you might still be paying it, or more. Possibly a lot more.

Now, you can pick what you want. And even if you buy all of the various streaming services, you'll still be spending less than you were on cable.

Gone are the days when you had no choice but to pay for a lot of stuff you didn't watch. Now, you can pay for what you watch. And you'll surely want to watch Dolphins-Chiefs on Saturday night.

Try it for a month. $5.99. There's plenty of good stuff on there, including extended episodes for the first six seasons of The Office. Along with movies, like The Holdovers. Which was just in theaters recently.

Just give it a try. When you start looking at all the content that's in there, you'll be amazed that it's only $5.99.