Yellowstar retires from professional play

Taylor Cocke

The 2016 EU LCS Summer Split was Yellowstar’s last (Riot Games/Lolesports)

One of the most influential players in the history of Western League of Legends is retiring. Bora “Yellowstar” Kim, longtime Fnatic member and five time Worlds participant, is leaving professional play

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Among European players, no one has more accolades than Yellowstar. He’s gone to Worlds five times (tied with Dyrus for most ever), made the trip to the LCS finals seven times (he only missed this year), won the LCS five times, and made it to the grand finals of the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational.

He began his career as an AD carry on Against All Authority, swapped over to SK Gaming, then finally found his true calling as a support for Fnatic. There, he took the most storied European LoL organization to a multitude of LCS wins and several respectable international performances. 

Yellowstar is regarded as one of the greatest strategic minds in League of Legends history, and has cemented himself as one of the best in-game leaders the game has ever seen. 

It’s undetermined what Yellowstar will be doing next.

You can read the full announcement over at the Fnatic official page.

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