Yasiel Puig gets two-game suspension after igniting brawl with Giants

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Major League Baseball has handed down its punishments stemming from Tuesday’s bench-clearing brawl between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants, and it’s not a surprise which player was hit the hardest.

Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig received a two-game suspension for his role in instigating the brawl, which started after an exchange of words with Giants catcher Nick Hundley. Hundley was fined, but not suspended for his actions. Puig also received a fine.

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What sparked the Giants-Dodgers brawl?

As the old phrase goes, this one escalated quickly.

Puig was visibly frustrated after fouling off a pitch during his seventh inning at-bat. Puig let go of his bat and snatched it from the air in an animated fashion, which caught the attention of the Giants catcher. Hundley likely didn’t appreciate the possibility of Puig accidentally swatting the bat hard enough that it hit him, or that Puig seemed to think he missed a pitch he could handle.

Yes, the latter is a real thing. Catchers and pitchers don’t appreciate when a batter indicates that he has them measured. That type of frustration can be seen as a form of showing them up.

The tension reached another level when Hundley stood up from his crouch. After going helmet bill-to-catcher’s mask for a few moments, Puig gave Hundley two stiff shoves and the brawl was on.

Yasiel Puig will appeal the suspension

Puig’s suspension is supposed to start Friday, but the outfielder has already indicated that he will appeal.

Since he’s appealing, Puig will be able to keep playing until the league resolves the issue.

Yasiel Puig had a suspension overturned last season

This isn’t the first time Puig’s been in trouble with the league. He was originally handed a one-game suspension last season after flipping off a group of hecklers at Progressive Field in Cleveland.  The suspension was ultimately rescinded when Puig agreed to an alternative punishment, which included making a charitable donation. 

In 2016, Puig avoided suspension after being investigated under Major League Baseball’s domestic violence policy. Puig was allegedly involved in an incident with his sister in a Miami nightclub the prior November. He’s been hit with several punishments from the Dodgers for actions considered detrimental to the team. That includes being late to the ballpark multiple times. 

Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig (front right) was suspended for his role in Tuesday’s brawl with the San Francisco Giants. (AP)
Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig (front right) was suspended for his role in Tuesday’s brawl with the San Francisco Giants. (AP)

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