Yankees SP Domingo Germán stays in bid for perfect game after ump appears to say 'you have to wash your hands'

New York Yankees pitcher Domingo Germán got off to a fantastic start during Saturday's game against the Minnesota Twins. Germán's start was so impressive, in fact, that Twins manager Rocco Baldelli became suspicious about how Germán was able to dominate the Twins' starting lineup.

After tossing three perfect innings, Germán was examined by an umpire as he left the field. It started as a routine pitching check until umpire James Hoye started focusing on Germán's throwing hand. The umpire lingered on Germán's pitching hand for a bit and shared a few words with the pitcher.

When Germán came out for the fourth inning, he was checked again. The lengthy second check led to an extremely weird exchange between the umpiring crew and Germán.

Members of the umpiring crew and the Yankees gathered around Germán during the check. At one point, it appeared that Hoye told Germán, "You have to wash your hands." Despite that, Germán was allowed to remain in the contest. As he headed toward the mound, Baldelli rushed out to find out what happened. After not getting the answer he wanted, Baldelli was ejected from the contest.

Umpire James Hoye talks to Yankees pitcher Domingo Germán. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)
Umpire James Hoye talks to Yankees pitcher Domingo Germán. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer) (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

At some point in the ordeal, Hoye also appeared to tell Germán, "I told you to wipe it off."

Germán's spin rates mysteriously dropped shortly after he was told to wash his hands.

Whatever led to the multiple exams didn't shake Germán on the mound. He stayed perfect through the fourth and fifth innings. He lost the perfect game and the no-hitter in the sixth.

Although he gave up a few hits following the second exam, Germán kept the Twins off the scoreboard. He was removed from the contest in the seventh inning with a 4-0 lead. He gave up just three hits and struck out 11 over 6⅓ innings in the start. The Yankees went on to win 6-1.

Following the contest, Yankees manager Aaron Boone claimed Germán had rosin on his hand when he left the dugout. That didn't stop Twins social media from poking fun at Germán and the Yankees.

Hoye confirmed that he thought Germán had rosin on his hand. Hoye said he asked Germán to wash his hands to avoid future issues. When Germán came back out, Hoye said he could still feel some rosin on Germán's pinkie.

Baldelli explained that he did not accuse Germán of using an illegal substance on the mound. He said he argued the call because Germán was allowed to continue pitching after refusing to comply with Hoye's request after the third inning.

Baldelli lost that argument and was forced to watch the rest of the game elsewhere because of it.