Yankees Mailbag: Will Brian Cashman be GM after 2021 season?

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Yankees GM Brian Cashman treated image, on phone wearing coat with blue/grey background
Yankees GM Brian Cashman treated image, on phone wearing coat with blue/grey background

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Gun to your head, Cashman GM next year? — @The_Sm0king_Man

I’d say so. He has seen too much success over too many years for a potentially disappointing season — OK, a potentially deeply disappointing season — to cost him his job before his current contract even ends (that happens after next season). That’s as it should be.

The Yankees front office is hardly free of tensions and mistakes. The same goes for any organization. But at the trade deadline, Cashman gathered scouts and analysts alike in his Tampa war room and engineered deals that helped propel the club back into contention. Folks who were there speak of a feeling of strong collaboration.

Yankees fans are right to yearn for more championships. But those accustomed to their team being relevant every year might be in for a rude surprise if Cashman and his group ever leaves. That’s what they’ve given you.

If Cashman worked for any other team, the fan base would almost certainly have to worry about losing him to Steve Cohen and the Mets. He’s exactly what they are looking for to run baseball. But because of the crosstown relationships and complications, the idea would be a non-starter. Too bad for the Mets.

With that possibility off the table, it would take a total rethinking of the organization by Hal Steinbrenner for Cashman to be let go. While this is certainly not the brightest moment in Cashman’s tenure, the younger Steinbrenner seems thoughtful enough to avoid that kind of short-term thinking.