Yahoo reimagines logo for Black History Month

Artist: Trap Bob
Artist: Trap Bob

In collaboration with multidisciplinary artist Trap Bob, Yahoo has reimagined its logo for the month of February in a salute to Black history.

"We make Black history all year, but Black History Month is a time of celebration and reminder to us all of the extensive work and accomplishments of the Black community," the Washington, D.C.-based artist said.

Trap Bob, also known as Tenbeete Solomon, creates art based on everyday experiences to better connect and represent Black life and culture. When tasked with an overhaul of the Yahoo logo, she aimed to pay homage to the past while looking ahead to what's next.

"My design's theme is a mix of black girl magic and how out of this world black history is. I wanted to give a futuristic feel and outlook that celebrates where we are and where we're going."

In a nod to her Ethiopian roots, the artist incorporated colors from the country's flag to the design, complementing her usual palette of pink and blue with that of the Pan-Africanism and Black Liberation movements.

You can find more of Trap Bob's work on her Instagram and website.