Yahoo Fantasy Slate: Win money and glory with Yahoo Sports' newest game

Yahoo Sports

What’s better than riding an emotional rollercoaster with your favorite teams each week? Getting in the game yourself!

Just in time for football season, we’re celebrating with the kickoff of the world’s greatest mobile sports experience. Welcome to Yahoo Fantasy Slate, a weekly sports/pop culture prediction contest where you can win real money!

Here’s how it works. You’ve already got the Yahoo Sports app, right? (If not, download it now.) When the first contest begins on Wednesday, Sept. 12, open up the app, tap on the Play tab, and enter Yahoo Fantasy Slate. From there, enter an open contest and kick back as Yahoo Sports’ experts engage in an entertaining and informative debate on the biggest questions of the week, like:

• Will Tiger Woods finish in the top 10 this weekend?
• Who wins the critical series, the Dodgers or Rockies?
• O/U 0.5 fumbles for Adrian Peterson this weekend
• Will A-Rod propose to J-Lo by next week?

And then you’ll get your chance to weigh in, siding with one of the experts or blazing your own path. Questions might be in the form of will they/won’t they (“Will Khalil Mack record a sack this weekend?”), over/under (“Will Bryce Harper strikeout more or less than 3.5 times this weekend?”), or straight matchup (“Auburn vs. Alabama, who wins?”) No matter what, there’s always a correct answer. Will you nail it?

Once you’ve locked in your picks prior to the start of the first event in the contest, keep an eye on the Yahoo Sports app to see if you’re right. Come out on top, and you’ll not only win the satisfaction of beating the world, you’ll get some real coin. Come on! Sports, pride and free money? What’s better than that, right?

You’re already watching the games and playing in Yahoo Fantasy Sports leagues on your phone. Now it’s time to take your Yahoo experience to the next level with Yahoo Fantasy Slate.

It all starts when the first Yahoo Fantasy Slate contest opens at 3 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Sept. 12. So get the Yahoo Sports app now and be ready to jump in the game. Victory awaits!

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