Y1HAN joins Royal Never Give Up as an emergency sub while Mlxg receive medical treatment

Royal Never Give Up's roster against QG Rearpers (lolesports)
Royal Never Give Up’s roster against QG Reapers (lolesports)

Royal Never Give Up fielded an emergency substitute, Y1HAN, because their starter, Liu “Mlxg” Shiyu and two official subs, Wang “BayBay” Youchun and Tao “Again” Xiang, are currently receiving medical treatment.

LPL officials stated that Y1HAN is allowed to play for RNG due to these circumstances, but there are no further details as to what medical emergency may be affecting Royal’s junglers. BayBay started for RNG last week against Team WE, and the team lost 1-2 to the first place team in Group B. LPL officials are currently investigating RNG’s claim that all of their jungle substitutes are sick, and RNG will be punished if they are caught lying about the circumstances.

At the moment, RNG sit in first place in Group A with a record of 7 wins and 2 losses.

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