Girl successfully trades box of Thin Mints for football at XFL game

Jack BaerWriter
Yahoo Sports
Seems like a fair trade. (Scott Rovak/XFL via Getty Images)
Seems like a fair trade. (Scott Rovak/XFL via Getty Images)

If MLB star Bryce Harper is any indication, humongous professional athletes all enjoy themselves a nice box of Girl Scout cookies.

One young fan of the St. Louis Battlehawks decided to leverage that weakness at the team’s XFL home opener on Sunday against the New York Guardians.

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And wouldn’t you know it, Battlehawks defensive lineman Casey Sayles took her up on it. That’s a well-earned XFL-brand ball, and maybe something young fans out there want to copy if they want a leg up on souvenirs.

That girl was one of 29,554 St. Louis fans to turn out for the Battlehawks, the highest attendance the league has seen in its existence. That will surely be a surprise to Los Angeles Rams owner Stan Kroenke.

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