Xavier Legette: Panthers said they’ll draft me at Pick 33 if I’m available

The interest is real, and it’s spectacular.

In a special collaboration, Texans Wire lead analyst John Crumpler chatted with University of South Carolina wideout Xavier Legette on our behalf rught ahead of this week’s NFL draft. When asked about the Carolina Panthers, Legette provided Crumpler with a very, very intriguing nugget.

“I’ve met with the Panthers about four or five times,” he replied. “The relationship, it just keeps continuing to grow. They’re really hoping I can make it the second round. They keep on telling me if I’m sitting at 33, they’re gonna take me.”

Although quite heightened, this seemed to be the sentiment from Legette on his pro day—where he told WCNC Charlotte that the Panthers were hot on his trail, even then.

“That’s just them tellin’ me that they want me on their team,” Legette said back in March. “A lot of coaches came and hollered at me before and after this process here. They say they got a buzz in their facility for me and I’m just ready to see where I’ma land.”

The Mullins, S.C. native, who has been connected to Carolina’s 33th and 39th overall selections, recorded 71 receptions for 1,255 yards and seven touchdowns this past season. He was named a second-team All-SEC member for his efforts.

Stay tuned for more from Crumpler’s exclusive interview with Legette.

Story originally appeared on Panthers Wire