Xavier Legette on being drafted by the Panthers: ‘I had a good feeling about them’

You can probably say that Xavier Legette had a hunch about the Carolina Panthers.

On Thursday night, the Mullins, S.C. native and University of South Carolina wideout was selected by his hometown NFL team with the 32nd pick of the 2024 NFL draft. He was asked about how he was feeling leading up to the life-changing announcement.

“I didn’t know what to expect,” Legette said. “I was just waiting to hear my name called. And then once they called me and tell me that they was trading up for me, there was a whole lot of joy inside me.”

To keep Legette local, the Panthers swung a deal with the Buffalo Bills to move up from the 33rd overall selection to the 32nd overall selection. The deal included a later pick swap as well, with Carolina shipping off No. 141 for No. 200.

Before the move was made, Legette went on record multiple times about Carolina’s interest in him. He even told our own John Crumpler that the Panthers assured him that he’d be their pick if he was available.

So Legette was asked why he thought that was the case.

“Just because of the meetings we had, man,” he replied. “I could feel the love and the vibe coming from them. I knew if it wasn’t them, I knew I wasn’t gonna be sure. I had a good feeling about them.”

Well, the feeling is obviously mutual.

Story originally appeared on Panthers Wire