X Feedback: Razorback hoop fans losing interest on social media

It wasn’t as bad as a 32-point loss at home, but the Arkansas basketball team’s 76-66 loss at Georgia on Wednesday night only lessened the interest of Hog fans on social media following the game.

Fans seemed almost numb on Saturday after the Razorbacks’ historic 83-51 loss to Auburn. A few fans did try to focus on the silver lining Wednesday night, after the Hogs did put up much more of a fight against the Bulldogs.

Here is a sample of the scuttlebutt that was posted on X after the game:

Another "L"

Fayetteville in jeopardy?

Kudos to Mark

Papa Makhi

One positive

To drink, or not to drink?

Keep Jimmy away

Please stand

Hard to watch

Under the covers

Not this world

Turnovers costly

No desire

No bleeding

Story originally appeared on Razorbacks Wire