WWE star could see Draymond Green becoming star professional wrestler

WWE star Bayley believes that Draymond Green would be able to successfully transition from the NBA to the world of professional wrestling. The former women’s tag team champion made the comments during a recent interview on the “Gabby AF” podcast, where she credited Green’s athleticism and personality as key reasons why he would be a success.

Green is known as being one of the bigger personalities in the NBA. He hosts a successful podcast, has impressed when working as a postgame analyst, and has proven his elite-level athleticism throughout his career in the league.

“His ruthlessness,” Bayley said. “We like to break rules, but we get away with it. We have to teach him how to break rules and get away with it or choke someone out and get away with it. I think there is always a place for someone like him, and an athlete like him, with such a big personality in the WWE. If he could get him in Damage CTRL, then the world needs to watch out because we’re going to put a title on that bad boy too.”

Green has recently returned to the Golden State Warriors rotation after missing 16 games due to suspension and getting himself back in game shape. The veteran forward is widely known to be the emotional leader of Steve Kerr’s team.

Whether Green sees a potential second career with the WWE when he decides to call time on his tenure in the NBA will remain to be seen. However, there’s no denying that he would quickly establish himself as a genuine star within the cundefinedompany.

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire