WWE star Becky Lynch continues to fuel possible showdown with Ronda Rousey

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WWE superstar Becky Lynch is taking shots at Ronda Rousey and asking for a one-on-one match. (Getty Images)
WWE superstar Becky Lynch is taking shots at Ronda Rousey and asking for a one-on-one match. (Getty Images)

A week after Ronda Rousey sparked speculation she was returning to WWE, her rival is fueling the fire with a trash-talking interview hinting at a future match.

Becky Lynch is one of WWE’s most popular stars and pinned Rousey during WrestleMania 35 in April, a historic match that also included Charlotte Flair. It was Rousey’s last match before stepping away, though a video posted last week indicates she may not be done. And Lynch is doing more than indicate she wants a piece of the star.

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Lynch: I still want 1:1 with Rousey

Lynch, known as “The Man,” appeared on Monday’s episode of “Fair Game” with Kristine Leahy on Fox Sports 1 and combined smack talk with a desire for a future match.

“That’s what Ronnie does: she hides when she loses. We’ll see if she comes back. I still want a one-on-one with her.”

Leahy asked if she meant that’s what Rousey did in the UFC as well, where the fighter closed her career with two losses.

“That’s what Ronnie does ... The way to beat Ronda is, it’s not to beat her body because she’s tough as all get-out. But it’s to beat her mind. And that’s what I went after: to constantly beat her mind. Mind games, mind games, mind games.”

Lynch and Rousey are rivals and the interview comes after Rousey stirred up questions of a return with a video titled “Ronda Misses It.” Rousey stepped away from performing after the all-female main event at MetLife Stadium, saying it was so she and her husband could start a family. She also reportedly had a broken hand.

The video could be in good fun to gain some clicks. Or it’s the start of a comeback for the former Raw women’s title holder. She won it last August and a return would put her back there again to finally face her rival one-on-one for the first time.

Lynch vs. Rousey postponed first time around

As two of the WWE’s biggest stars, the Lynch vs. Rousey match is a highly anticipated one. They were supposed to go head-to-head in a champion showdown at the Survivor Series last November, but Lynch suffered an injury a week prior.

Lynch chose Flair to take her place and the Survivor Series ended with a violent finish. It set up a three-woman match at WrestleMania despite a natural back-and-forth prominent on social media between Lynch and Rousey.

Lynch and real-life boyfriend Seth Rollins, WWE’s Universal champion, will go up against Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans in a winners-take-all mixed tag-team Extreme Rules match on July 14.

There’s no one set up for Lynch after that, including at SummerSlam in August, making the events of the past week quite interesting for WWE fans.

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