What’s wrong with this Jenna Dewan photo? Commenters come to shamed star’s defense

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“She owes Channing nothing and life goes on.” “People are going to judge, whether they have any basis or right to.” Newsroom readers are coming to Jenna Dewan’s defense after a sexy snap sparked a hateful response.

The image, part of her campaign with Danskin Apparel, shows Dewan laughing and lounging in bed in her underwear. Some fans are calling out the actress for posting a racy pic too soon after her split from Channing Tatum. The fact that she dropped “Tatum” from her name also did not go unnoticed. “Remove Channing: check,” posted one commenter. “Remove Tatum from name: check. Remove clothes for IG pic: check.” “I’ll never understand why [you’re] posting ONLY photos of [yourself] — half-naked,” another wrote.

But Newsroom readers have her back. The top comments (among thousands) on Yahoo Lifestyle’s coverage of the controversy were largely supportive: “I don’t see what the problem is.” “She looks great!“ “She is beautiful, don’t need him or his name,” chimed in another.

Jenna and Channing broke up earlier this month after almost nine years of marriage. The exes seem to be on good terms, and are still following each other on Instagram. Tatum even liked the shot of Dewan posing in her underwear.

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