How Wright's skillset will translate to the NFL

Though Darnell Wright' athleticism might not be as 'squeaky clean' as other offensive linemen, Chris Simms and Ahmed Fareed agree that his strength and power make him a good fit for the Bears.

Video Transcript

AHMED FAREED: Chicago Bears, 10th overall.

CHRIS SIMMS: Darnell Wright.

AHMED FAREED: Darnell Wright, your number one offensive tackle.

CHRIS SIMMS: Boom. My guy goes one right there.

AHMED FAREED: Look, chilling at home. Purple suit. What is that, velvet?

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CHRIS SIMMS: Yeah [LAUGHS] I like it.


CHRIS SIMMS: Look at you. I think the chair is velvet, and maybe the suit is too. Damn. But I love this guy. I think he's like- again, if you have Justin Fields, and you want big people and play smash-mouth football, that's where Darnell Wright's perfect for you. And you know he's my type of guy, right, where Paris Johnson-- I respect his athleticism and length, right?

But you know how my feel is. His size and the athleticism might not be as squeaky clean as Paris Johnson, but his strength and power and anchor and all that, I think, are greater. And I think it's going to translate in the NFL better.


AHMED FAREED: So you had Peter Skoronski going here. You thought maybe he would be the pick for the Bears.

CHRIS SIMMS: I thought maybe he would. I kind of played the angle of it's Northwestern. They're close to Chicago. They got the inside track. He's a safe bet. That's what I kind of thought. But Darnell Wright certainly fits that. And now he's their starting right tackle, right? Teven Jenkins stays at right guard. And they have a really good offensive line to work with now with a running game and we know some weapons at receiver.