WR/S Fomsby draws new looks

Tim OHalloran, Publisher
Edgy Tim

Oswego (Ill.) junior wide receiver/safety prospect Jamal Fomsby (6-foot-1, 185 pounds) is off to a good start this season. Fomsby has also started to attract college recruiting attention this season and checks in and gives us his latest recruiting update here.

"Oswego East week is this week so I'm really excited to get going," Fomsby said. "I'm sure I'm going to be matched up against Anwain Walker (Illinois commit) this week and it's a good chance to show what I can do."

Fomsby filled us in on his latest recruiting news.

"I've been in touch with Western Michigan and Toledo. NIU was in school last week and I've been able to talk to NIU coaches a few times now. I was invited to go to NIU for a game this season and both Western Michigan and Toledo also invited me to games."

Will Fomsby get out to see any college game day visits?

"I'm planning to go see NIU when they play Kent State in a few weeks. I was also invited out to Western Michigan and Toledo for games. I'm planning to go to Western Michigan when they play Central Michigan on November 1st. I'm also going to Toledo when they play Western Michigan on November 24th."

So what have the college coaches been telling Fomsby so far?

"The coaches usually say that they like my talent and that I'm on their recruiting radar screen. The college coaches also want me to keep sending then my highlight video and that they want me to stay in touch."

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