Would you pay $250,000 for Zion Williamson's busted shoe?

Zion Williamson gave Duke fans, college basketball fans, and pretty much the entire sports world a heart attack when he injured his knee in February. The culprit was a Nike sneaker that couldn’t contain his explosiveness — the shoe essentially split apart at the seam, causing him to slip.

The shoe is blown out, but it’s not worthless. According to TMZ, it’s worth a lot of money ... or it will be as soon as someone finds it.

The $250,000 broken sneaker

TMZ spoke to sports memorabilia auctioneer Ken Goldin, who recently sold some items from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s personal collection to raise money for charity, about Williamson’s busted sneaker. And Goldin was willing to attach a pretty big number to the shoe.

“It’s definitely a six-figure, iconic piece. It is the most famous pair of sneakers in the world. If it ever went up for auction, it would be a fight between Nike and a collector. … This is something that was nationally televised, very famous and before he became a pro. It happened on a national stage. It does not get bigger than that. … It would not surprise me if it topped $250,000.”

That is a LOT of money for a shoe that belonged to a guy who’s in his freshman year at Duke and hasn’t even been drafted yet. But if you believe that Williamson and his talent are destined for incredible things in the NBA, maybe that’s a small price to pay to own a piece of a formative Zion moment.

A sports memorabilia auctioneer says Zion Williamson's busted shoe could be worth $250,000. (Photo by Lance King/Getty Images)
A sports memorabilia auctioneer says Zion Williamson's busted shoe could be worth $250,000. (Photo by Lance King/Getty Images)

The case of the missing shoe?

The busted shoe could be worth $250,000, but that’s only if someone can find it. TMZ called around, and apparently the shoe has gone missing. Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski told TMZ that Nike had come to inspect the shoe, but didn’t know what happened to it next.

TMZ then asked Williamson himself, and he directed them back to Krzyzewski. The Duke Athletic Department also didn’t have any idea where it was, and neither did Nike.

So where is the shoe? Who has it? It’s a mystery. But if the shoe does ever resurface, what happens to it should be up to Williamson. It’s a part of his story — a reminder of how close he came to an injury that could have changed the course of his entire life.

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