Is this the worst cookbook of all time? TikTok seems to think so

Social media users are pretty sure they’ve found the “worst” cookbook of all time. The recipe book, shared in a viral video by two TikTokers named “Jake & Jen,” is sparking chaos online for its selection of “disgusting” options. Jake starts the clip by showing off a recipe for a “Greek ham wrap”. The wrap, seemingly filled with Greek salad and sliced ham, is tied together with a thin, tiny lettuce leaf. “I don’t know how it’s held together,” Jake says, hardly controlling his laughter. Jake goes on to explore the cookbook further, showing off a recipe for something called “pea cereal” and a “broccoli coleslaw”. The video, which has nearly 600,000 views, confounded and amazed TikTok users. Many called the recipes “cursed” or outdated. “Was this cookbook written in 1951 lol,” one user asked. “What in the world?” another reacted. “Everyone’s favorite snack: pea cereal,” another joked. In reality, the recipes appear to come from “The Busy Family Cookbook: 370 Recipes for Weeknight Dinners,” which was published in 2008