Is this the world's fanciest Taco Bell? TikTok seems to think so

Taco Bell and “luxury” aren’t usually used as synonyms, but in Pacifica, Calif., they basically mean the same thing. At least, that’s according to TikTok. Users on the app have been swarming to the chain’s gorgeous, seaside location, with some calling it the “nicest Taco Bell in the world”. So what makes the place so legendary? First of all, it’s a Taco Bell Cantina, meaning it serves alcohol. According to TikTok user Megan Homme, who visited the restaurant earlier this month, you can add alcohol to “pretty much any drink” on the menu. Homme’s clip, which shows just how “boujee” the location really is, has been viewed more than 650,000 times. Her TikTok shows off the restaurant’s sprawling beachside view and its interior — which has a full-on glass fireplace. The restaurant sits directly on the Pacifica State Beach and even has a spot for surfers to “park” their boards. According to Eater San Francisco, the location reopened as a Cantina location in July of 2019