World Squad coaches: ‘The trip to the USA will be a big challenge’

World Squad coaches: ‘The trip to the USA will be a big challenge’
World Squad coaches: ‘The trip to the USA will be a big challenge’

On Sunday, the FC Bayern World Squad will embark on a two-week training camp in the USA, where the young players will take part in The Soccer Tournament in North Carolina and then play against Inter Miami and DC United. It's not just the 23 players from all over the world who are starting the adventure with motivation and ambition. This year's coaching duo of head coach Roy Makaay and assistant Diego Contento are also looking forward to the Class of ‘24. In a joint interview, the two share their thoughts and expectations for the upcoming World Squad trip.

Interview with Roy Makaay and Diego Contento

Roy, what will you take with you from your time as coach of the Class of ‘23 into the new edition and is there anything you will do differently this year?
Roy Makaay: “If you want to achieve something, you can only do it together, both as a team and individually. I'm going in with the same attitude as last year and will try to give the players as much as possible during these four weeks.”

Diego, this is your first year with the World Squad. How did it come about that you became assistant of the Class of ‘24 and what are you looking forward to the most?
Diego Contento: “It was really spontaneous. I had an English class at Säbener Straße and then Lars [Weichert] came up to me afterwards and asked if I'd be interested. I said straight away that it sounded great, I'd discuss it with my wife. Then it only took one day for me to finally say yes.”

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The World Squad 2024 is your first project together as a coaching duo. What do you expect from your collaboration?
Makaay: “I'm really looking forward to working with Diego, especially accompanying him on his first steps as a coach. I'm convinced that he can help the players with his own experience as a professional player.”

Contento: “I think Roy can teach the players a lot offensively and I can teach them defensively – that's a great mix. We also get on very well.”

Diego, what can you in particular give the young players as a coach, former professional and as a person?
Contento: “I have gained a lot of experience in my football career and have trained under the best coaches, for example Jupp Heynckes, Pep Guardiola and Louis van Gaal. That's why I try to give the players as much as possible in terms of sport, mentality and discipline.”

This year, the FC Bayern World Squad project will be accompanied by a live documentary for the first time so that the development of the players can be experienced in real time:

Fourth edition with new partner Audi and live documentary

Roy, what sporting goals are you pursuing with the Class of ‘24?
Makaay: “I don't have a specific sporting goal yet. I hope that by the end of these four weeks, every player will have improved a little and the 23 talented individuals will have become a team that wants to achieve something together. Then the results are no longer the most important thing, but how you perform as a team.”

Apart from the sporting aspect, what do you value most off the pitch?
Contento: “Discipline, trust, respect for each other and, of course, having fun.”

Makaay: “Respect is also important to me. Respect for the project, the club you represent, the other players, the coaches and the support staff.”

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You depart for the USA on Saturday. What do you expect from the trip and the TST tournament in particular?
Contento: “The trip to the USA will be a big challenge for us as coaches, but also for the players in terms of the sporting side of things. What I've heard so far about the TST tournament is great, there are global stars taking part. Personally, I'm really looking forward to the tournament.”

Makaay: “Compared to previous years, the schedule in the USA is the most demanding so far. We are by far the youngest team at the TST, so it won't be easy. It will also be a big strain to play two games in three days against Inter Miami and DC United straight after the tournament. But I'm already looking forward to this adventure.”

Once again this year, FC Bayern U19s await the World Squad at the end of the journey. The Class of ‘23 managed to beat them 1-0. How do you rate the chances of this year's squad?
Makaay: “You can never say for sure. We only know the players from videos so far. But like last year, we'll give it our best shot and see what comes out of it.”

Contento: “If you want to be the best in football, you have to beat everyone. The Class of ‘23 won, so we can do it again this year.”

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