‘World of Dance’: Jennifer Lopez’s Booty Gets Close to Derek Hough’s Face

Superfan TV

This week on World of Dance, the first round of duels were heating up when two big latin dance teams, “Swing Latino” and the “Miami All Stars” went head-to-head. However, it was Colombian salsa troupe “Swing Latino” that had Jennifer Lopez, and Derek Hough, really feeling the heat.

Midway through the performance, Lopez just couldn’t resist standing out of her seat to get down to the music. Immediately following the performance, Lopez exclaimed, “That made me want to just get up and move my little hips!” while Hough added, “I had JLo’s booty right here. I was like, ‘Oh!’”

After all of the laughs subsided, the judges turned their focus to the group’s jaw-dropping, death-defying stunt that was the cherry on top to their sparking performance.

In the end, “Swing Latino” received a score of 91.7 from the judges, beating the “Miami All Stars” and moving onto the next round. “I just feel like we’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg with what these guys can do” said Lopez.

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