World Cup final 2018: What time is kick-off, what TV channel is it on and what is our prediction?

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France are through to the World Cup 2018 final - but who will join them? England, or Croatia? - Anadolu
France are through to the World Cup 2018 final - but who will join them? England, or Croatia? - Anadolu

What date is the World Cup 2018 final?

This year, the 21st World Cup final will be held on Sunday, July 15, 2018.

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What time does is kick-off?

The final will kick off at 4pm BST. That's 6pm local time if you're in Russia.

Where will the final take place?

The Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow will host the finale to the 2018 World Cup. Russia's sporting Mecca has previously hosted the 1980 Olympics, 1999 Uefa Cup Final and 2008 Champions League Final.

World Cup final 2018 | How long until kick-off?
World Cup final 2018 | How long until kick-off?

What TV channel is it on?

UK viewers will be able to choose between ITV and the BBC - adverts or no adverts? 

For more information, follow our World Cup TV guide and if you're heading to the capital for the big finale, we've rounded up the best spots to watch the World Cup in London.

Which teams will feature?

  • France (beat Belgium in the semi-final)

Which teams could feature?

  • Croatia (beat Russia in the quarter-final)

  • England (beat Sweden in the quarter-final)

The final team will emerge tonight from the second semi-final between England and Croatia.

How do I get tickets?

Unfortunately, but probably not surprisingly, the World Cup Final is currently sold out, but if any tickets become available on resale they will cost £750, £485 and £311 for the various categories.

What happened in 2014?

Over to the Telegraph's then Football Correspondent, Henry Winter:

"Germany deservedly lifted the World Cup because of a moment of brilliance from Mario Götze – Mario de Janeiro – because of the team’s resilience and intelligence, because of the tackling of the outstanding Jérôme Boateng and because Bastian Schweinsteiger kept going even when battered by Argentine tackles, even when bruised, even when bloodied as his cheek was opened up.

"Schweinsteiger was the best player on the pitch, spilling sweat and blood for the cause.

<span>Germany lift the trophy in 2014 - who will it be this year?</span> <span>Credit: Getty Images </span>
Germany lift the trophy in 2014 - who will it be this year? Credit: Getty Images

"Germany also prevailed because of the hard work put in by the Deutsche Fussball-Bund since 2004 in transforming its youth-development structure, in calmly preparing inexorably for nights like this. It built football centres for kids, built up a reservoir of talent which saw Götze come off the bench, and built towards a fourth World Cup. A stellar team now has a fourth star to go on that famous white shirt.

"Götze’s goal was a worthy winner of any final, a wonderful take of André Schürrle’s cross on his chest and then hooked finish past Sergio Romero."

Read his full match report here.

Who are the previous World Cup winners?

There have been 20 finals, with Brazil the most successful country with five titles.

  • 1930 - Uruguay

  • 1934 - Italy

  • 1938 - Italy

  • 1950 - Uruguay

  • 1954 - West Germany

  • 1958 - Brazil

  • 1962 - Brazil

  • 1966 - England

  • 1970 - Brazil

  • 1974 - West Germany

  • 1978 - Argentina

  • 1982 - Italy

  • 1986 - Argentina

  • 1990 - West Germany

  • 1994 - Brazil

  • 1998 - France

  • 2002 - Brazil

  • 2006 - Italy

  • 2010 - Spain

  • 2014 - Germany

Who will win the 2018 World Cup?

And if England, erm, win, will there be a bank holiday to celebrate?

There has been no official word, though some bookies are quoting 3/1 on the government giving the country an extra day's holiday. 

What are the latest odds?

  • France 4/6

  • England - 5/2

  • Croatia - 5/1

Our prediction 

Now we are down to the final three, we're predicting a France vs England final. Fingers crossed!      

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