World Cup fans chant “we want beer,” Team USA readies for group stage I The Rush

There was a ton of NFL action with Patrick Mahomes leading another comeback in a crazy game against the Chargers, the Eagles handing Colts head coach Jeff Saturday his first loss, Ezekiel Elliott scoring two touchdowns against the VIkings in his return for the Cowboys, the Lions beating the Giants and winning their third straight game for the first time since 2017, Cordarelle Patterson bagging an NFL record 9th kickoff return for a touchdown, and T.J. Watt making one incredible interception against the Bengals. The 2022 FIFA World Cup is officially underway with Ecuador beating the host nation of Qatar 2-0, which also saw Ecuador fans chanting ‘we want beer’ in Spanish. Kyrie Irving returned to the Nets after serving an 8-game suspension for sharing antisemitic content, though Brooklyn beat Memphis thanks to Kevin Durant and a resurgent Ben Simmons. Over in Women’s College hoops, No. 1 South Carolina beat No. 2 Stanford thanks to Aliyah Boston’s late-game heroics, but it was head coach Dawn Staley’s post game actions that really stole the show.

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MINTY BETS: Football was absolutely en fuego on Sunday. From the Eagles coming from behind to beat the Colts by 1 point and handing new Indy coach Jeff Saturday his first loss, to Ezekiel Elliott returning from injury and scoring two touchdowns in the Cowboys' vicious pounding of the Vikings, to the Lions winning a third consecutive game for the first time since 2017, though Cordarrelle Patterson logging an NFL record, 9th kickoff return for a touchdown. Or to TJ Watt swatting a ball out of mid-air for an interception, leaving even his own brother stunned.

There was no shortage of drama on the field. There's also plenty of football drama happening halfway around the world in Qatar. The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar officially kicked off with Ecuador getting an easy and expected 2-0 win over the hosts.

But the story of the game is the chant that went up from the Ecuadorian fan.


MINTY BETS: That's thousands of fans, chanting we want beer, in Spanish. Right before the tourney began, Qatar decided to ban the sale and consumption of alcohol inside its World Cup stadiums. With USA sharing Group B with England, I'm glad I'm Stateside, because mama's gonna need her special apple juice to get through this tournament.

After serving an 8-game suspension for sharing anti-Semitic content, and refusing to denounce anti-Semitism, Kyrie Irving returned to the Nets on Sunday, against the Grizzlies. Kyrie only scored 14 points in the win, which is well below his season average of 27.

- Solidly below average.

MINTY BETS: I'm guessing he was tired from walking back all those non-apologies.

- Sick burn.

MINTY BETS: But Kevin Durant and a resurgent-looking Ben Simmons put in work. So the Nets had no problem handling the Ja Morant-less Memphis. Women's college basketball saw number 1 South Carolina take on number 2 Stanford. And as expected, it was crazy. Aliyah Boston struggled early in the game, but she had dominated late to help South Carolina overcome a 10-point 4th quarter deficit.

- Cardoso just checked into the game. That's where they look. They find Boston. Boston, an open look. Gets it to go! 2.1 to go!

MINTY BETS: The reigning champs held on to secure the 76-71 overtime win over Stanford. But maybe the craziest thing happened after the game.

- But wait!

- [? De-zwa! ?]

MINTY BETS: South Carolina Head Coach Dawn Staley stayed on the court and address the opposing Stanford fans, letting them know how much she respected them, their sportsmanship, and then their Staley-ship. It's like sportsmanship, but it's taken to a level only Dawn Staley can achieve.