World Cup 2018 predictions: Picking every game, group stage through final

The World Cup Draw is complete. After a lot of singing and dancing and FIFA/Russia propaganda-spewing, and after a bit of ping-pong-ball drawing, the 2018 World Cup has its eight groups. Its landscape is orderly. And now we have one of the most excruciating waits in sports, the six-and-a-half months between the draw and the actual World Cup.

But why wait to make some predictions? Isn’t all the anticipation of the draw based on the fact that we now have specific matchups to look forward to? Specific paths to glory to envision?

Yes, it’s way too early to make predictions. And yes, predictions are a mostly futile exercise anyway, even on the eve of the tournament’s June 14 kickoff.

Now that the World Cup Draw is complete, we know a bit more what the road to the final in Moscow looks like.
Now that the World Cup Draw is complete, we know a bit more what the road to the final in Moscow looks like. (Getty)

But, what the heck, let’s have a go at picking all 64 games of the 2018 World Cup:

Group A

Russia 2-1 Saudi Arabia
Egypt 0-2 Uruguay
Russia 1-1 Egypt
Saudi Arabia 0-3 Uruguay
Russia 0-1 Uruguay
Saudi Arabia 1-2 Egypt

Winner: Uruguay
Runner-up: Russia

Group B

Portugal 0-1 Spain
Morocco 1-0 Iran
Portugal 1-1 Morocco
Spain 3-0 Iran
Portugal 1-1 Iran
Spain 2-0 Morocco

Winner: Spain
Runner-up: Morocco

Group C

France 4-1 Australia
Peru 2-1 Denmark
France 3-1 Peru
Australia 0-1 Denmark
France 2-2 Denmark
Australia 1-2 Peru

Winner: France
Runner-up: Peru

Group D

Argentina 2-1 Iceland
Croatia 2-1 Nigeria
Argentina 1-1 Croatia
Iceland 1-1 Nigeria
Argentina 3-1 Nigeria
Iceland 0-2 Croatia

Winner: Argentina
Runner-up: Croatia

Group E

Brazil 3-0 Switzerland
Costa Rica 0-2 Serbia
Brazil 4-1 Costa Rica
Switzerland 0-0 Serbia
Brazil 1-0 Serbia
Switzerland 1-1 Costa Rica

Winner: Brazil
Runner-up: Serbia

Group F

Germany 1-2 Mexico
Sweden 1-0 South Korea
Germany 2-0 Sweden
Mexico 2-0 South Korea
Germany 5-0 South Korea
Mexico 1-1 Sweden

Winner: Mexico
Runner-up: Germany

Group G

Belgium 5-0 Panama
Tunisia 0-2 England
Belgium 3-1 Tunisia
England 2-0 Panama
Belgium 2-1 England
Tunisia 2-1 Panama

Winner: Belgium
Runner-up: England

Group H

Poland 2-1 Senegal
Colombia 1-0 Japan
Poland 1-2 Colombia
Senegal 3-1 Japan
Poland 1-1 Japan
Senegal 1-1 Colombia

Winner: Colombia
Runner-up: Poland


Uruguay 2-0 Morocco
France 3-1 Croatia
Brazil 2-1 Germany
Belgium 1-0 Poland
Spain 3-0 Russia
Argentina 1-0 Peru
Mexico 2-0 Serbia
England 1-0 Colombia

Uruguay 1-0 France
Brazil 3-1 Belgium
Spain 3-1 Argentina
England 2-1 Mexico

Brazil 2-0 Uruguay
Spain 1-0 England

Spain 2-1 Brazil

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