Worcs Racing Series comes to Marysville

Feb. 23—For Olivehurst resident Chris Overbeck, he and his son, Brandon, are among a large Northern California contingent that travels to Worcs Racing Series events all across the Western region in search of solid motocross tracks and extreme racing.

Overbeck said some of the Worcs riders have been as far away as Idaho and Oregon to race.

"There's a huge group of us locally that all travel to these races," Overbeck said.

Starting Saturday, Brandon Overbeck, 16, will be running his ATV essentially in his own backyard for the first time as Worcs Racing has come to Marysville for a two-day event that features a variety of motocross vehicles. Racing will take place at E Street MX Park off E Street Bridge and North Beale Road in Yuba County.

It's one of nine locations on the Worcs tour, which heads back to Lake Havasu City, Arizona on March 15-17, followed by a trip to Blythe in eastern Riverside County in April.

"It's nice to have them come to us," Chris Overbeck said. "This is probably going to be the best motocross section of any race."

Overbeck said the Marysville track, which is essentially three full-sized moto tracks put together, could possibly run as long as seven miles. It is narrower in stretches as Worcs Racing co-owner Dane Perry pointed out during Thursday's tour.

Perry said the narrow, ungroomed stretch is strictly for dirt bikes.

It's meant for an off-road ride, he said, with strict rules in place to remain inside the yellow caution tape to avoid a time penalty.

Perry said his team elected to come to Marysville this year after working with the E Street MX Park owners last year. He wants to keep Marysville on the tour moving forward.

"We're here to do it, we are excited about it," Perry said.

There are multiple divisions that will run this weekend. The pro and pro amateur class, followed by 450 A, B and C divisions.

Overbeck said Brandon will run the 450 B class, trying to work up the ladder as a young rider who has been running motocross for about three years. Overbeck says he trains a lot in the foothill areas of Smartsville in and round his family's home — providing a solid foundation for a true motocross track, Overbeck said.

Overbeck said that many tracks in other areas on the Worcs tour stack logs on the narrower stretches of the course, forcing the rider to find a way to jump the obstacle in its path.

Riders this weekend will vary in age from as young as 4-years-old to over 60, according to Perry.

He is expecting approximately 11-to 1,200 riders present at the E Street MX Park over the course of the weekend.

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