You won't believe how much of Robert Quinn's salary the Bears are paying

You won't believe how much of Quinn's salary Bears are paying originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

File this one under Howie being Howie.

It turns out the Bears are paying most of Robert Quinn’s 2022 base salary as part of the trade agreement with the Eagles for the veteran edge rusher.

The Eagles acquired Quinn from the Bears Wednesday in exchange for a 2023 fourth-round pick. Quinn was scheduled to make $12.8 million in base salary this year, which equals $711,111 per week in an 18-week season.

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Since Quinn was with the Bears for seven weeks, they’ve already paid out 7-18ths of that contract, or $4.98 million of that $12.8 million base salary.

That leaves $7.82 million remaining over the next 11 weeks that Quinn is due. Since the Bears are paying $7.1 million of that, it leaves only $720,000 in base salary for the Eagles to pay Quinn. That equals about $65,455 per week.

In other words, the Bears will be paying Quinn roughly 10 times more than the Eagles the rest of the season while Quinn plays for the Eagles.

Quinn, 32, has 102 career sacks, including 18 ½ last year, when he made his third Pro Bowl. He has only one sack this year in seven games.

With a trade deadline move like this, the contract is often a stumbling block, and teams will usually pay a portion of a player’s future contract in order to unload him. But $7.1 million is a lot.

And the Eagles have no financial obligations to Quinn beyond this year.

He carries monster base salaries of $13.9 million and $12.9 million in 2023 and 2024, but none of that is guaranteed, so the Eagles can make those salaries disappear either by releasing Quinn after the season or – if they want to keep him – by restructuring his contract.