You Won't Believe How Intense This Olympic Figure Skater's Workout Is

You Won't Believe How Intense This Olympic Figure Skater's Workout Is

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  • Olympic figure skater Ashley Cain gets in a super hard workout in a new Instagram video posted by the Olympics' official account.

  • From box jumps to weight ball slams, the skater crushes the intense circuits.

  • Late last year, Ashley shared that she's working with Zero Limits Performance off-ice to prep for her routines.

Olympic figure skater Ashley Cain has definitely mastered her moves on the ice... and at the gym. The athlete, 28, shared one of her intense off-ice workouts via the Olympics' Instagram page, and to put it simply, her strength and endurance are totally mind-blowing. Ashley wasted no time running her fans through one of her strength and cardio sessions, all while rocking a Barbie-pink Free People Righteous Onesie.

"Flexing more than just skates! A figure skater’s off-ice training 🏃♀️," the video's caption reads. And let me be the first to tell you that this skater is definitely *not* messing around. The people watching the video on Instagram got busy cheered Ashley on in the comments.

"That’s WILD," one person wrote. "The box jump with one leg after some hurdles.... That alone was impressive," another commented. A third just left tons of fire emojis.

While figure skating is a Winter Olympics sport (with the next games will be taking place in Milan, Italy, in 2026), Ashley is already training super hard. While skaters certainly make their routines look completely effortless on ice, its clear that they put in a ton of work behind the scenes to strengthen their glutes, core, legs... and everything else. Those double axels don't just magically happen!

The Instagram video starts off with Ashley knocking out a series of hurdle jumps (including spins), followed by some seriously fast sprints. Next, she moves into some alternating single-leg box jumps (yes, on just one leg), which works on her lower-body strength and balance.

After the cardio segments, Ashley transitions into weight work, starting with some trap bar weighted squats before moving on to alternating jumping lunges with side twists, with a weighted barbell added in to work her obliques.

The video then jumps to Ashley back on a turf floor holding a medicine ball doing twisting wall slams, all while balancing on one leg. (Talk about core, arm and leg strength!).

To top off this wildly challenging workout, Ashley gets back into more cardio and leg work—she is a skater, after all—with *more* box jumps. These aren't your everyday box jumps, though. Each time she lands, Ashley does a full spin on the ground (mimicking her spins on the ice!). For her finisher? Some diagonal jumps out on the turf while holding a weighted ball overhead to challenge her balance. I'm tired just watching this video.

Ashley previously shared that she has teamed up with Zero Limits Performance this winter to help her train for the 2026 Winter Olympics. And from the looks of it, I'd say training is going really well.

Everyone is cheering you on, Ashley!! Crushing it!

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