Snow leopard survives 400 foot fall while hunting sheep

Yahoo Entertainment

On Animal Fight Night, a snow leopard was looking for dinner but nearly killed itself in the process of getting it. The leopard was chasing down a bharal, otherwise known as a Himalayan blue sheep. After leaping and catching the bharal, the leopards momentum sent both hurtling off a cliff. Even after landing, the leopard and bharal continued to topple down the mountain, finally stopping after falling 400 feet. All the while the leopard refused to let go of the bharal, which continued to try to get away when seemingly neither of them should have even survived the initial fall. In the end the leopard seemed to be unscathed, save for a few bumps and bruises. The bharal? Not so much. After nearly killing itself to get it, the leopard came away with a weeks worth of food.

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